Subscribe to Auto-Ship

One less thing to remember!!  Auto delivery directly to your pet.  Take the "FORGOT" out of the equation for our small pets.  Their health depends on us.

Choose the "SUBSCRIBE & SAVE" option at checkout!

Stress-free. It just shows up; you choose any number of days, weeks or months between deliveries.  WOW!

Modify or even cancel any time.  You can easily and quickly change how often and which product any time you want in your subscription account.  Just log in and click on "Manage subscription".

Saves money.  Subscribe, then enjoy 10% off automatically from now on.  1st subscription shipment is additional 30% off (40% total) using one time Discount Code NEW30 at checkout.

Billing.  Auto-Ship orders are automatically billed same day as shipment, to the payment method that you entered into your subscription account.  Remember that there is NO commitment and you can cancel at any time.


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