• Certified Organic Orchardgrass, Fescue & Clover Hay

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Why Orchardgrass, Fescue & Clover?

We knew that there were tons of options out there for Timothy hay so we wanted to provide small pet owners the ability to feed their pets something else that is just as nutritious (if not more) but that is also 100% organic and sustainably farmed right here on our family farm in rural Kentucky.

Already feeding your pet Timothy hay?
Our hay makes a great treat and topper in addition to their daily Timothy.

Looking to switch up your pet's diet?
Our hay is super delicious and nutritious and suitable for daily feeding for your small pet!

  • Diana says:

    Low dust, so it doesn't aggravate my allergies like Wal-Mart hay.

  • Laura says:

    It's like the kind of hay that the bunny rescue gave us when we first got our bunny, so it made me feel like it was quality stuff. The commercial hay is in much smaller pieces and was much more messy.

  • Leslie says:

    It seemed very fresh, I like the ingredients and the organic status. I love to support local farmers. Also, the rabbits liked it. One in particular was chomping on it as soon as I brought it in.

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  • Quality

    • Mixture of 100% Organic Orchard grass, Endophyte-free Fescue and Red and White Clover - YUMMY

    • No artificial preservatives to make it look greener than it should naturally.

    • 100% Certified ORGANIC Pure Sun-dried Fresh Hay (No Additives, Preservatives, Pesticides Or GMO Products)

    • Best of the Best from 2nd and 3rd cuttings

    • Every order is hand packed and shipped direct from our small family farm for the very best quality from our hay barn to your small pet

  • Nutrition

    • Orchard grass is just as good if not better than Timothy hay

    • Healthy Mixture of Natural Fiber and Protein In Each Box (No Need To Manually/Unnaturally Mix Grasses/Legumes)

    • Great for Rabbits, Guinea Pigs, Chinchillas & Others

    • Rabbits & guinea pigs enjoy many types of clover, grass, flowers, and even a few weeds (we don't weed spray)

    • Without variety, they may suffer nutritionally from deficiency of some trace minerals

    • Prevents GI stasis and other digestive issues by striking a balance between indigestible fiber and nutrition (protein, DE, calcium, etc)

    • Best way to keep your pets teeth worn down

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