3 Reasons Our Certified Organic HAY IS the Healthiest ON THE MARKET

Small pets all over the country LOVE this delicious, healthy alternative to big box store Timothy hay. Here are three reasons why:

1. No chemicals or harmful pesticides

We are certified organic from TWO organizations, the USDA and REAL Organic Project. We don't use any harmful chemicals in our growing process and sun dry our hay to prevent the spread of disease. You can rest assured your pet will be getting a high quality ORGANIC diet.

2. More closely resembles their natural diet.

Our hay is different than the popular Timothy hay. Taul Farms is a blend of orchard, clover and fescue grasses. This gives your pet a variety of grasses and more closely resembles their natural diet than box after box of only Timothy grass. Our hay is just as nutritious as Timothy (IF NOT MORE!)

3. Great source of protein and fiber.

Hay is a great and necessary source of essential nutrition for your small pet.  Bunnies, guineas and other hay eating animals need a variety of hay everyday to sustain them but also to aid in their digestion. Hay is also a great way to keep those teeth worn down to prevent chewing or dental problems down the road


Starting at $9.99

Pet owners are raving about Taul Farms hay!

"My buns go crazy for this hay!!"

- Jennifer S.

"Low dust so it doesn't aggravate my allergies like

Wal-Mart hay"

- Diana

"It's like the kind of hay that the bunny rescue gave us when first got our bunny. The commercial hay is in much smaller pieces and was more messy."

- Laura

"It seemed very fresh, I like the ingredients and organic status. I love to support local farms. Also the rabbits liked it. One in particular was chomping on it as soon as I brought it in."

- Leslie


Starting at $9.99