How to Choose the Healthiest Grass Hay for Your Small Pet

How to Choose the Healthiest Grass Hay for Your Small Pet

Your pet’s hay matters. Not only will it impact their overall health, digestion, and teeth, but you also care about your pet enjoying their food!

Timothy Grass is a well known and traditional source of hay for animals therefore it is commonly found on the market for your small pet. But when you are given a choice of what to feed your pet it is not ideal to just choose something by default. Find the BEST choice for your pet!

When you compare it to Orchard Grass you can see that Orchard Grass comes out on top in nutrients, taste, and tooth health.

Why Orchard Hay?

  1. Nutrients

Orchard hay is higher in protein coming in at 10-12% compared to only 8% in Timothy Grass. This means your pet is getting higher calories and more bang for your buck. All the while it stays balanced in its calcium and phosphorus levels. Your pet will have more energy with less hay.

Fiber is a very important part of your pet’s diet. The fiber in  Orchard Grass is digested better than Timothy Grass so your small pet’s digestive tract is happier! It’s also a great source of  vitamin A.

  1. Taste

Orchard Hay is a great way to give your pet variety in their diet. The red and white clover in our hay tastes great and your pet will love it!

  1. Tooth Health

Our hay is mixed with our endophyte-free fescue and these stems are great for gnawing which supports the tooth health of your pet. Our premium mix of Orchard Hay is perfect for rabbits, guinea pigs, chinchillas, and your other hay eating small pets!

Help Your Pet THRIVE

We chose Orchard Grass because it is nutrient dense and tastes great! Your pet will enjoy and thrive on our 100% organic natural mix of grasses and clover.

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